A Christmas Morning to Remember!

Oh it was a goooooooood Christmas this year!!  As the kids get older, we are having so much more fun with them.  When they are too little to appreciate a sensory overload at 7:00 am, it's a little bit of a letdown for the parents.  But this year, our children didn't disappoint!!  I took a billion photos to share with family in Texas so you could experience their Christmas with us.  So sit back and enjoy the next 4,582,203 photos :)

I have to first show-off Elena's beautiful Christmas dress.  My mom was so thoughtful and purchased it during one of her good days this past summer.  She gave it to me in July and told me it was Elena's Christmas present :)

A tradition my sister used to do when her kids were little was to leave a package of pajamas on Christmas Eve from "Mrs. Claus" so the kids had something fun to open and to wear!  So we knocked at the door... 

And they found their Woody Jammies!!!!  Jason and I have been waiting patiently for a MONTH to see the two of them in matching jammies.

And it was well worth the wait :)

Then Jason and I got busy preparing the house.

That big rug they are standing on?  That's MY Christmas present!  Jason and I picked it up at Home Depot on a fantastic sale.  Do you know how hard it is to get up from a couch on a slippery laminate "wood" floor while 8 months pregnant without slipping and falling back into my chair.  Apparently having little to no stomach muscles is far more dangerous than I remember.  This rug is my lifeline and now Jason feels safe leaving me at home alone ;)

Leo wrote Santa and asked for a bow and arrow just like his Dad.  He hasn't put it down in 4 days...

Dad had to teach him at first and he had a few meltdowns trying to figure it out.  But once he mastered it, we were in trouble!!

It took Elena a little while to wake up...

Nothing a little m&m's for breakfast couldn't fix!!!

He is sooooo ready for deer-hunting!

Then came all the presents under the tree.  And Good NIGHT it was a lot of presents.  Took us over 2 hours!!!!

But that's because we had to play with each and every one as we opened them!

Leo got a Raptor Hoodie Shirt from his Godparents!!

See how awesome???  

And Elena got more knitting supplies!  (Lace & Trace)

He seriously never puts it down...

Elena even had a gift for Dadda:

(It's sanitizer rinse for his beer-brewing kit!)

And here is Leo's gift to Dad:


Dadda had to teach them how to effectively open presents.  Apparently ripping presents open involves a lot of grunting and straining...

Thank you Granny & Papa for the tubby time crayons!!!!

And a BIG thank you from Leo for his Larry Boy action figure!!!!!

And Elena LOOOOOVVVVEEESSSS her new dollie.  She was in a bit of a panic when she realized the doll was inside the package and not in her ARMS!!! 

All better :)

...Short candy cane break...

The hexbug track from Aunt Jeanette & Uncle Jeremiah was a huge hit.  Elena actually loves cooking the bugs in her new pots and pans :)

Now this gift I had never heard of before but it is a HUGE hit!!  It is a Hide & Seek Monkey.  You hide the monkey and push the button on the remote wand to make the monkey talk so you can find him!

They love trying to find him all throughout the house!!

Crazy Uncle Nathan introduced Leo to Star Wars!!  We'll turn him into a Sci-Fi Geek yet :)

Oh the pots & pans and cooking utensils!!!  Pure Bliss!!!!

Leo finished the morning by challenging Dad to a bow & arrow match.  


He lost :)

The adults in our family do secret santa exhanges.  I couldn't WAIT to give my brother-in-law his gift!  I found a company online that does personalized pub signs and got one for him.  He is always answering the phone "Brown's Bar and Grill" and between his own Irish band Sligo Creek and his Irish Dancing son (who is attending the World Irish Dancing Competition this coming year!!!), he is as Irish as they come.   

I already dug into my secret santa gift cards with a run to Joanne's for some fabric & yarn!  I have big plans for this stuff.  And I was quite spoiled this Christmas by Jason.  He is always looking for ways to make my life easier and accomplished it again with his gifts this year!  (A Roku - so we have a remote and I don't have to get up and walk to the laptop anymore!  New Corelle dishes I have been eyeing since I realized our blasted dishes chip when you sneeze on them.  A spice rack so I can reach my spices without cursing and sweating!!!  And new earrings since I chopped mine in the food disposal :)  HAHA!!  Now if we could only attach the Hide & Seek Monkey to the remote so we would never lose it, I would be set for life!!!)

But my favorite gift was a surprise from my sister-in-law.

 She took a photo my mom had in her house all these years and copied and framed it for each of us.  That is my mom with only 3 of her 8 brothers in 1945. Does it get better than that?!?!

Our Christmas season is still going strong!  But I have to admit I am kind of glad that the craziness of Christmas has come and gone.  I have been telling the kids for months...

First Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then the baby comes out of my belly to play!!!  

I can't believe I get to have another one of these little guys in just a few weeks :)

We are so excited - and a little overwhelmed....but mostly excited!!!!  I'm just excited to get my brain back in a few weeks.  Although I haven't locked the keys in the car once this pregnancy (that's a first!), in just the last week, I lost my checkbook and my wallet.  Jason found both but I think he's starting to worry a little...

A very Merry Christmas to you all and a HUGE thank you to all our relatives who spoiled us and the kids this year :)

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