Cowboy (Pilgrim) or Indian?

We have a little fun with Thanksgiving around here since Jason is a Dallas Cowboy fan and we are Washington Redskin fans.  So, in preparation for the Thanksgiving day feast with family, I asked Leo if he wanted to be a Cowboy (I guess we ought to call it a pilgrim) or an Indian for Thanksgiving.  He chose Cowboy!  Jason is so very proud.

I promised Leo that I would make him a pilgrim outfit to wear to the Thanksgiving feast so he could kill all the Indians.  I'm sure that's not very "Thanksgivingy" of me to teach him, but if he is a Pilgrim and his cousins are Indians, there is going to be pillaging and death.  He's going to get them all!!

So, over the next day, he concocted this costume on his own:

This kid is ready to go.  

So is Elena the Cowgirl :) 


I'd like to take a short detour to show you the origin of the headband eye patch

It all started with the introduction to the gun.

He got the hang of that quickly and added a few elements to the cowboy costume0

Then we brought out the plastic face mask...

It broke the same day, but he understood the concept.  Bad guys with guns cover their eyes.

So he found my black headband and substituted.  The swiffer bucket is his cowboy boot :)


I called the cousins and gave them fair warning that a Cowboy was coming and they better prepare the proper head garb.

Example of proper head garb from Thanksgiving 2009:

  We're going to come in with guns blazing.

...To be continued...

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