Yard Sale Saturday


Jason went out for Dunkin Donuts this morning and returned with the news that the neighborhood next to us was holding a community yard sale.  I quickly jumped in the van and all four of us (decked out in our PJs) were off!!!

$5.00 cooler???  YES PLEASE!!!  Somehow, Jason and I have been married for over 4 years now without a cooler.  Patience paid off!

Size 6 and 7 clothing for Leo.  If each item from Gap or Children's Place retailed for approximately $15, this total would have run me $165...

I paid $11.00 for 11 items!

Our old highchair was causing a bit of a problem...

So we picked up this adorable high chair for $5.00!!

We also picked up a bed rail for $2.00 and a helmet for Leo's future bike for $1.00.  

But the best stuff was in the Quarter Bin:

And it's a really good thing we saved so much money.  Because the arrows Jason was practicing with this morning disappeared in the woods and he had to go re-stock :)

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