On the Convenience of the Pregnant Belly

Jason dressed Elena the other morning so we could run out to grab that coffee pot.  I came down the stairs ready to go.  Great minds think alike :)

That's my 20 week belly.  It looks oddly small from this angle but I assure you, it's right on target.  Also, we're going to wait until February to find out if it's a boy or girl :)

If you are considering starting a family, here's some food for thought.  I was standing in front of the sink yesterday, licking the whisk after popping some chocolate cookies in the oven.  I noticed a huge chunk of chocolate fly off the whisk and was really NOT looking forward to bending over to clean it up.  Jason is my "go-to" guy for bending over to pick things up.  We're into teamwork around here.  I looked down and noticed the floor was clean.  Then I looked in the sink and saw that the chocolate chunk had bounced down my chin, off my stomach and went flying straight into the sink.  How's THAT for convenient!!!!  

The baby and I are already a great team.  This will be my best creation yet!! 

Happy Thursday everyone.  I'm going to dive into the kitchen and make something delicious!

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