Not even 4 cups of coffee can help me title this post...

We got off to a veeeerry rough start this morning.  Leo came waltzing in my room to let me know (like he always does), "Mom, El wants you."

I noticed it was still dark but the days are getting shorter so that must be it, right?  I rolled over, squinted my eyes and struggled to see the clock.

Turns out my clock had the number 5 on it...but the 5 was in the front????  WHAT?  What does that even MEAN????

I looked at him confused and said, "Leo, it's still nighttime.  You really should go back to bed."

To which he responded, "Uh noooo.  Fweetytime all done.  I awake.  El awake.  Momma - you awake?"

"No buddy.  No I am not..."

Jason had two really important meetings at work today so after a few minutes of wishing it were all a dream while the kids jumped all over the bed, I decided to just bite the bullet and come downstairs.

The reality is that I was amazed by my reaction to the kids early wake-up call.  There is no good reason that I should have been so nice to my children for waking up at such an unreasonable hour.  I fully expected myself to be steaming from the ears with bloodshot eyes and nothing but grumbles.  But instead I was actually kind of nice to my kids.  I ignored their requests for a show and chocolate and instead I turned on the news for myself and threw them some oatmeal.

The fact that I wasn't so mad at them is truly a testament to motherhood.  What makes motherhood so remarkable is the almost automatic and willing self-sacrifice.  It's involuntary and instinctual!  I didn't have to force myself to be kind of nice (okay - I wasn't like bubbles and sunshine.  I was more like groggy and half-grimaces).  But I literally couldn't be mean to the little guys!  And even in my sleepy stupor, I noticed that I was exactly the opposite as I thought I would be.

Jason slept until 7:30 and then let me take an extremely tired Elena up and we took a 45 minute catnap together.  Sometimes you just have to be a little late for work or your pregnant wife will call you every hour pleading for you to stop on the way home and pick up *insert crappy junk food item here*.  And even though I didn't take my frustrations out on my children, Jason is well aware that there is a large risk that he will bear the brunt of my crankiness.  Smart man!!

I'm not surprised that I love my kids.  I knew that was going to happen.  But I am often surprised that I like them so much.

Best.  Job.  Ever.

Edited to add: I just snapped these as direct proof of the 5:30 am wake-up call

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