Happy Birthday Dadda!

Last week was Jason's birthday.  He spent his actual birthday at a theme park with a bunch of 16-year-old-girls *scandalous!*...and a priest ;)  He is a youth minister and I was assured that the day was strictly business!!  Actually - better him than me.  I'm not sure I could tolerate a group of 16-year-old girls at a theme park.  I remember my trip to Kings Dominion as a brace-faced giggler....ugh....

While he enjoyed funnel cakes and roller coaster rides, we got a little crafty.

We made a quick stop to the local arts and crafts store and picked up a handful of wooden cut-outs in the shapes of a dinosaur, sheep, palm tree, turtle, flower and fence.  

I giggled a little when I saw aprons for $19.95.  I don't think so!!  We'll just opt for scrubbing bellies when we're done with the paint.  I also laughed when I thought of putting my 3-year-old in preschool.  Aside from not being able to afford it this year, my son painted for a grand total of 15 minutes before he was up and using the paintbrushes as swords.  If we could afford preschool, we would do it.  But watching him just be a three-year-old made me feel a little better that we're waiting a year.  

I didn't spend much time watching the kids paint.  I actually picked up two larger pieces of wood so I could join in ;)  After all, I forgot to buy him a real birthday card, so this would have to do!

And now for the Big Reveal!!!


Oh wow...this is like trying to tackle a greased pig...

Oooookay....Almost there???

Happy Birthday Dadda!!!!!

Leo's art is on the board on the left (below).  The dinosaur is aggressively chasing the abnormally over-sized turtle.  On the right, we have a sheep Elena started with green paint, a tree Leo started with green paint and a fence and flower they ignored.  In true overbearing mom-style, I um...*cleaned-up* their artwork...

The following morning, we celebrated Jason's birthday with a $1.00 morning movie and a buy one, get one free lunch at his favorite restaurant.

And later that evening, my talented nephew and Leo made funfetti cupcakes and homemade strawberry frosting!!  (Watch out for the tall kid on Top Chef in a few years!!)

This kid is so nice, he always brings the end table from the living room to the kitchen so Leo has a kid-sized table he can help at!!

Rounding the birthday off with a "J"-shaped cup-cake!

Jason had to wait a few more days to get his birthday present though.  The store had extremely odd hours and I just couldn't get out there!  But it all makes sense when you see the gift:

The stupid homebrew store opens late (to accommodate the hung-over) and closes early (just in-time for happy hour!).  I worked in a restaurant/brewery for many years and cannot WAIT to sample this good brew!!  

Although now that I think about it, Jason got the better end of this whole make everything from scratch bender we seem to be on.  I'm in the kitchen canning tomatoes and he's downstairs swimming in 5-gallons of IPA?!?!

Our mugs are already chilling in the freezer ;)

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