7 Quick Takes (#7)

I have to share some cool links that my husband and I found this week.

1) BOOYAH!!!!  Remember the old and tired joke "What do you call people who use the Rhythm Method?  Parents!!!"  Har-dee-har.  Well, Booyah refers to a link from Sciencedaily.com that declare "Natural Family Planning Method As Effective As Contraceptive Pill, New Research Finds." I always knew NFP was an intelligent use of the modern-day science and our research ability, but this is like a verbal high five.  I love it!!

2) This video is a beautifully done analogy to confession.  It was narrated by one of Jason's favorite professors at Franciscan, Dr. Regis Martin, the father of 10 who is famous for telling his students to find a mate, settle down and procreate with reckless abandon!!  (From http://www.likableart.com/)

3) Next on the cool links found this week is a poem written by a college student for Open Mic at Pacific University.  This kid has kahunas!!  Think of him as "The Anti-Jersey Shore."  

He is my hero of the week.  Along with the cow that gave me the abundance of mozzarella cheese I have been eating...

4) These were quite problematic this week:

These are not Elena's feet.  This is a photo Leo took of his own feet earlier this week...While playing with my niece this week, Leo saw that she had painted a toe on each of her brother's feet.  (I even heard a rumor that her father, my brother-in-law, is walking around the office with purple toenails...)

Leo decided he wanted to be hip and begged me to paint his toes.  So I did.  But I didn't have the foresight to remember that I don't own nail polish remover.

We went to a birthday party at a neighbors' house where I sheepishly explained away the situation to my neighbors.  Turns out our neighbors just thought Jason and I were secretly goth or maybe even the forefathers of the death metal movement.  My neighbor showed up at my door with a bottle of nail polish remover and I can now proudly acknowledge my son in public again.

5) Leo decided to start contributing to the family by getting a job.  Here he is dressed to the nine's for his first day of work:

This is as far as he made it

He had to come home early to show me the 10 lb cicada he found...

Instead of keeping his day job, he passed off the bag of manliness to Dad and sent him off to provide something a little more edible for the family.

I'm a little bothered that when we checked the pocket of my favorite red sweatshirt yesterday, we only found 1/2 of the dead cicada...

6) That was a long #5.  I'm exhausted.

7) And for those of you who aren't my friends yet on Facebook, I'll share this interesting insight from a 3-year-old.

Leo: "Hey Mom.  Whatcha doin??"
Me: "Oh you know.  Just checking out facebook"
Leo: "Oh you mean like makin' funny faces??"

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!  Check out Jen's blog for the link-up to 7 Quick Takes!!

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