Philosophical musings

I have been really tired and lazy the last couple weeks.  Instead of keeping busy in the kitchen (sorry Jason...), the laundry room (...I swear I'm on the upswing Jason) and keeping on top of the kids (I might as well send Netflix my next 20 year deposit), I have been pondering the deeper meaning of life.

But not exactly like I did during my youth.

In my youth, I spent a lot of time debating the important things in life.  Like philosophy,


The purpose of the human body and the decline of morality in modern culture


The influence of technology on our modern culture


Major historical influences over the ages,


And relativism

Now that I'm a big girl, things haven't changed all that much.  I still spend a lot of time deep in thought, although the content of my internal debate has changed completely

For example:
It is anatomically incorrect for the male cow on Back at the Barnyard to have utters.  Not to mention indecent!!  Why aren't these animals clothed??  I guess they are keeping it consistent though - none of the animals have any clothes. 


Speaking of consistency... Why does the sweet little mouse in Thumbelina get a complete clothing ensemble?

What about the protective bear or the hungry wolves??

Even the insects get clothes!!  But the bigger animals get completely ripped off

If Handy Manny and Kelly finally got together, would it completely ruin the dynamic of the show?

Does the Lamington is Delicious Council know what the book Possum Magic is doing to ruin it's reputation?  Is lamington animal, vegetable or mineral?  It looks about as appetizing as a dead possum on a plate.

What exactly IS Velveeta?????


Although the Van Zutphen family genes seem to be somewhat recessive, what if one of my kids ends up taking after my little brother???

Exactly how strong do the muscles in Giada's neck have to be to hold it up???

And there you have it.  My brain is still ticking away quite enthusiastically despite the change in my surroundings over the years.  My future looks about as bright as this guys' :)


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