What goes around comes around

A few days ago I was busy in the kitchen making food for our BBQ with friends.  Leo was down for his nap and Elena was scooting around the house playing with various toys.  After a little while, it got very quiet, but I was so busy I didn't even notice.  I continued doing my thing until, all of a sudden, I heard a big crash upstairs and heard someone moaning.  Then I heard Leo call out my name in the most pitiful voice you ever heard.

I rush up the stairs and run into his room.  He is sitting on the floor rubbing his eyes.  Elena is standing on his bed throwing all the toys he sleeps with on the floor and jumping around.  She scared the daylights out of him!!!  But Leo recently started insisting on sleeping with the door open so Elena assumed that meant "Come on in!!"

After hugging Leo to calm his nerves and make sure he was okay, I explained to him the concept of "Sweet Justice."  I have talked about it before, but he doesn't seem to understand that what goes around, comes around.

Starting in February 2010, if ever a noise should come from the baby monitor, Leo took it upon himself to alert the whole family and quickly run to Elena's aid.

Sometimes the noise was just Elena flipping over, but don't you worry!  Leo is coming to her rescue!!

He's like the mailman - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Sleet, Rain, Snow - He's got the job under control.

But he doesn't walk quietly into her room and gently say "Good Morning Elena!"  Not a chance.  Ready or not, he barges in screaming and yelling with excitement.

At the first tiny little sign that Elena might possibly be waking up, he starts running up the stairs screaming, "Elena is awake!  MY EL!!  MY GET HER!!!" 

The excitement doesn't end when he opens her door.  He just gets louder and more frantic.

And then there is the mad-dash for her crib screaming "Elena!!!  I miss you!!!"

"Did you have a good sleepy-time?  Did you have good dreams?  Check out this sword!"

Sometimes she is able to recover from the wake-up call quickly

But other mornings it takes a while for her to snap out of it.

But she did get her revenge on Leo during his nap.  And that is a little something we like to call Sweet Justice!

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