Left Behind

With the impending rapture at hand, Jason's oldest brother Jeremiah thought he should take this opportunity to see his little brother and his kids one last time.  He knew his wife would be just fine and he would see her later that evening in heaven.  So he set out in his car to drive from Boston to Maryland.

The brothers are not actually that sentimental.  Their intentions may not have been completely pure.  He and Jason are still very competitive and each wanted to see which one of the two was holier. 

So Jason and Jeremiah met on the day of the Rapture at a bakery and had a quick visit, each waiting until the hour the Rapture so they could see who was left behind.

They debated holiness, arguing that the other brother had far more transgressions and was definitely not on the Rapture train.  Such as the time Jason pushed Jeremiah down the stairs.  Or the time Jeremiah conspired with Nathan (in the classic older vs. younger brother battle) to trap Jason in a refrigerator box.  Or the time they tickled him until he peed his pants. 

Cleeeeaaaaarly Jason was holier!

And then, in a moment that took us all by surprise,

Jeremiah disappeared!!!

But not before Jason took his credit card.

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