The Great MacDougall Extravaganza of 2011

Our huge family trip to Deep Creek was EPIC!!  (Yeah - I'm hip.)  In addition to all the amazing food, the trip in its entirety was pretty awesome.

Leo knew that we were going to spend a week "laxing" with his cousins (that's slang for "playing lacrosse with his cousins for all you un-hip folk), so he kept his lacrosse stick by his side at all times.

The week was full of:

Adorable babies:


Grumpy kids...

Just kidding - they actually had a blast!!

(Jason figured out how to get these guys to smile - he threatened to kick them where the sun don't shine!)

Visiting, hiking, playing, fishing...

One morning, I received a phone call from a very out-of-breath nephew.  He instructed me to grab my camera and look outside. 

Outside our window are the slopes.  The Face (an expert slope) is on the left and Squirrel Cage (intermediate) is on the right.

Can you see them? 

Playing with their shadows!!


Apples to apples - and yes, my niece won the "Se ns ual" round with her contribution of Big Foot!!!  She also won the "Radiant" round with her card My B od y.  She's a trip!!

Music and dancing

(That's Will Brown of Sligo Creek.  They're pretty big around here. 
And by around here, I mean in our family.)

A birthday celebration!!

She's 8 - therefore old enough to "smoke" apparently...

But still little enough to squeal with excitement over her new bike!

 and of course the obligatory group trip to

Family Reunion Photo Ops

This is me and my siblings trying for a serious family photo with mom...

We never take anything seriously ;)

And lastly, SLEEP!!

Here was Leo's room:

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