7 Quick Takes (#4)

I used a Neti Pot for the first time this week.  Scariest experience of my life (and I've given birth drug-free!).  You feel like you are drowning.  I compensated by swallowing a billion times to make sure my throat wasn't full of water.  However, I understand the biology of why a person can string a noodle through their throat and nose now.

I tried my hand at making Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies with my Homemade Chocolate Chips.
Needless to say, I'm not devoting a post to the recipe for these...pancake cookies.  However, when I successfully make this recipe work, you all will be the first to know! 

And it's not like they were inedible.  My family devoured them ;)

I was recently chatting with some other moms about grinding my own whole wheat berries, making kefir, soaking grains, and other traditional foods we are trying.  I guess I sounded like I was conquering the world without batting an eyelash.  One of the moms asked how I do it all.  I almost choked!

The reality is I don't!!  I spend so much time cooking, baking and eating that my kitchen perpetually looks like this:

Perhaps I enter ADD land when I start cooking/baking because I can only accomplish one thing: the finished dish.  I can follow directions and cook up a storm but I'm not that good at cleaning up the aftermath.

Sometimes my husband needs a spoon or a bowl.  So he washes it himself ;)

I won the grain mill attachment for this gargantuan Juicer on Ebay!

I was so pumped when a package arrived at the door this morning and thought for sure this was my attachment!!  But then I noticed it was from Mexico.  This was a package for my husband.

I then went online to find out where the package was.  I stupidly forgot to update my address on Ebay.  It had arrived at my old address!!  I frantically called my old landlord (good friends of ours) and emailed the current rentors at work.  Creeeeeeeppppyyyyy!!!

Now, after knocking at my old address at 9 pm in the rain wearing my husband's flip flops, the grain mill attachment is in my possession!  I sure hope the stupid juicer works.  I guess I should have checked that before I got all competitive on Ebay...  (I was a little worried that these two pieces don't actually fit together.  But upon further inspection and research, I further solidified my idiocy by putting it together wrong.)


I made this delicious Broccoli Pesto from 101cookbooks.com.  I strongly recommend it!!  (I added some already cooked chicken from our freezer and it was perfect!)

Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!!!

And, if you have to bring the appetizer for your BBQ, bring these!!

7 Quick Takes with Jennifer at Conversion Diary

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