Oh the carnage...

As I entered the laundry room to start the first load of laundry, I smelled a foul odor.  I immediately thought of the dead mouse that got caught in the air conditioning fan of my car engine the morning we found out we were pregnant with Leo.  The Lord giveth - and the Lord taketh away.  It was September and the heat was too much to bear.  When I turned on the AC, the fan whipped around and took off his poor little head.  The smell a few hours was definitely NOT worth a couple minutes of AC...  And now I was smelling the same odor, except it was coming from my basement!

I looked down to see a pool of blood on the floor.  I immediately opened the deep freezer and realized that all of my meat had not only thawed out and melted, but some of the vacuum sealed bags had opened and the meat juice was leaking out of the bottom of the deep freeze.

In late January, I purchased $225 worth of beef from our local farmer and housed it in this very unit.  The one that broke.  The one that leaked out at least $150 or more of local grass-fed beef juice.

Not to mention the french fries.  Oh my beloved french fries.  I love french fries.  We eat them at least once a week. 

And that $15.00 chicken I bought (it's the nasty looking blob on the bottom right).

Ohhh the carnage...

4 trash bags later and we just have to begin again.

But this time we are installing our brand-new dehumidifier as insurance!!!!

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