And for my next trick!

In the past few months, Jason's schedule went from working 2 nights a week to working 4 nights a week.  That means I'm on my own for dinner, tubby-time and bedtime. 

When you are doing this stuff solo, you have to be resourceful.  I could sit there at dinnertime and threaten with all the same old boring IF YOU tricks we have up our sleeves: IF YOU want to watch a show you'll eat that food on your plate.  IF YOU get up from the table one more time, you are going to sit on the step.  IF YOU don't sit down and eat your dinner...well I'm probably going to end up eating it and I already ate my dinner!  PLEASE EAT?!?!

It was time to get a little creative.  I learned a trick from Colleen and Phil when I was up in Boston a couple weeks ago and decided it was time to put it into practice.

What's that Leo?  You don't want to eat your dinner?

TOUGH!  Allow me to introduce you to your new seatbelt!

I turned away for only a few seconds to snap photos of the ever-so-delightful Elena (when one child starts acting up, I just pay attention to the "good one")...

And VOILA!  Captain Destructo morphs into Houdini over here

Aaaaand I give up. 

It's not like I know how to tie a sailor's knot with Jason's belt!!  And if I tied it too tight he wouldn't be able to fit food in his little belly!  Maybe it's time to learn a special knot, but without Jason at home to help me tag team him, I'm powerless.  Aside from that, if the kid doesn't eat his delicious turkey burger with ketchup and homemade mac 'n cheese, he is definitely just not hungry!  That stuff is delicious!!  You have to pick and choose your battles wisely...

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