Wait - what's the word for it?

I have a terrible memory.  I either have early onset dysentery or dimensia.  Whatever the word is. 

I can learn something by researching and applying this knowledge, but if the task at hand requires only memory, I'm a a loss.  Last night my mom told me how fast the tsunami in Japan moved toward land and she also told me the height of the tsunami.  I remember being amazed by both numbers.  They were big.  Anywhere between 40 and 1000.  Seriously - I already can't remember how big and fast the tsunami was. 

I suppose I'm like a monkey.  I'm good at couponing because it required reseach and then application weekly.  I'm terrible at remembering recipes or even basic food ideas because they vary from season to season.

Combine the fast-pace of life and the amount of growth my children go through in a month and I'm lucky I remember their birthdays.  I still have to count months on my fingers to figure out how old they are.  I try my best to commit milestones to memory but it never works out.  So, I take a billion pictures and put them out there on this blog to remember every single thing

Today I was going through some photos from January and found this hilarious stream of photos.  Enjoy :)

Maybe I should start blogging about doctor's appointments so they stop fining me $20 for missed appointments...

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