Too cool to play by the rules

I am a rule follower.  I have always followed every rule - spoken or just understood.  I always walk on the right side of the sidewalk, I let the person in front of me go to the cash register that has just opened.  If the directions are numbered, I always do #1 first, then follow them sequentially.  If I buy a product and it says "Use for x purpose", I only ever use it for that: for example: a window cleaner is for windows, bathroom cleaner is for bathrooms.  You get the gist.  (Okay - I admit I speed...and eat chocolate pudding for breakfast.  No one's perfect)

My kids think they are just too cool.  They laugh in the face of system and rules.  And social etiquette???  HA!!!  Not only will they will continue to scream even after I tell them to stop and poop in their pants even when I tell them that's not where it goes, they will poke people in the pew in front of us with their toy and sneeze without covering their mouth.

This playground is no exception to their lack of acceptance of general rules.

I'm going to take a leap and guess that they are not ready for Chutes and Ladders yet...

They almost got it!!

Nah - The laws of gravity still apply to these rebels. 

After a few more failed attempts, they decided to play by the rules and go up the steps...

(She thinks she's hot stuff since she turned one...)

SUCCESS!!!  And they did it by playing by the rules. 

Now I just have to work on seatbelts...

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