Sunshine and lolli-pops

I am a really upbeat person.  I choose to be positive about everything.  I have my health, my family, my faith, etc.  Life is good.  I try not to complain or evoke pity.  Except when I'm pregnant.  Or tired.  Or hungry.  Or in desperate need of a shower.  Then you just can't shut me up.  I think someone suggested once that I "offer it up"...aaaand that was the last time they suggested that ;)

However, after reading this hilarious parody blog, it got me thinking.  Is my blog similar????  I'm not trying to make it look like everything is rainbows and lolli-pops over here 24/7.  But I only put things out here that are funny/fun/frivolous. 

In the last few months, I have been learning how to cook.  My "repertoire" so to speak consisted of hamburger helper and eggs.  And those took WAY too long, so usually it was dinner out or cereal.  6 months ago, if I had stumbled upon my own blog, I would have pictured the author to be secretly locking her children in their rooms while she cooked.  And the couponing??  Whatever.  That's just showing off...

But now, I have an appreciation for the fact that when I am busy and active, the kids either "help" (using that term very loosely) or they just get busy!!  My activity is contagious and they both just start playing independently.  I love it!!  (The downside is that when I want to sit and relax, they both are drawn to me like magnets.  So now I just try to stay busy all day!!...or lock them in their rooms...just kidding!!)  Aside: A solicitor came by our house yesterday.  I answered the door with my foot and, while staring at her rather uncomfortably, held up a wad of egg noodle dough until she just went away...)

So, if you are wondering what happens when I am slaving away over a hot stove, allow me to take you on a tour of my house.  This is what independent play looks like Gale style.

Rummaging for tupperware...and potatoes

Starting her own rock band

Courtesy of Captain Destructo

Quite frankly - I don't give a damn.  Because I'm covered in pizza dough. 
And once the BBQ Chicken Pizza hits my lips, it will prove to be ooooh so worth it!!

So while things over here aren't sunshine and lolli-pops all the time, every now and then, I will think about my old job in Corporate World America with its staff meetings, endless memos, Friday morning donuts, performance reviews...etc...

...and I don't even miss it in the slightest!!!


  1. Thats what my house looks like too. ALL THE TIME. I just edit it out for fear that some hateful person out there might not think it funny at all and leave some snide remark...but it does. Really. maybe worse? I feel oddly out of place in clean homes.

  2. Thanks for your visit. I sure do remember the days of little ones like this! Your pretzels look wonderful here! Come say hi any time :D


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