Starting the year off on the right foot!

I haven't been as crazy about trying to find deals in the last few months.  After doing a lot of research, keeping up with sales/coupons/deals, I took a break in November and take advantage of the deals as they roll around.  I feel like I have a good understanding of everything and no longer feel like I might miss the deal of the century!

A few expenses had been on my mind lately.  Early last year, right after Elena was born, Leo and I were wrestling on the bed.  I decided to take off my glasses so they wouldn't get caught in the battle.  I threw them off to the other side of the bed...yup.  Terrific idea, huh?  Seeing as how the world looks like this if I don't have my contacts/glasses in, you would think I would be more careful??? 

No...I quickly forgot about them and after a few minutes I felt a *snap* under my butt.  I broke the glasses!!! 

Jason came to my rescue and glued the glasses together, but I was unable to close them.  That worked for almost a year until last month.  Leo found them and while trying to put them on, he snapped the bad arm right off...again...

Jason tried a few times to re-attach the arm but after several unsuccessful attempts, I told him to ditch them and I would just wear them as they were.  Frames plus lenses for someone as blind as me run about $400!!

A few weeks ago, I found a deal running through the blogging world for free glasses through Coastal Contacts.  After looking up the company to see if they were legit, I decided to give it a whirl.

I found frames that average $70-$110 online, crossed my fingers and placed my order.  I wasn't going to say anything about them unless they actually arrived.  Ordering though the Internet still makes me nervous.

Yesterday we found our FedEx package at the door.  TADA!!!

So now to the fun part:  Total cost: $7.10, Saved: $99.60

The lenses and shipping were $38.70.  I used my Paypal money that I have earned filling out surveys for Pinecone Research.  So the total out of my bank account was $7.10! 

My second transaction that I am darn proud of is for our disposable diapers.  I LOVE having disposables on hand even though I cloth diaper.  Sometimes, I just need a break!  I mostly use disposables at night and when we go out for an entire day.

I received these two coupons (one in the Parenting magazine and one through an Amazon mailer)

So I purchased diapers through Amazon for 50% off plus free shipping for signing up for Subcribe and Save (which you can cancel at any time at no charge).

What could have cost $54.67 (which no one in their right mind would pay..right???) only cost $11.83!  Actually, let's just skip that $21.08 shipping charge and say what could have cost $33.59 only cost $11.83!  I saved $21.76.  Each diaper was only $.08!

We are starting 2011 off right!  And I am making sure that I NEVER have to go back to an office job again!!

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  1. Seriously you are so great at this stuff! I just bought my last pair of glasses at BJ's during a huge sale...still not as cheap as yours though. Coincedentally, BJ's is also where I buy diapers...yet also not as cheap as you do. Hmmmmm, can you teach a class?


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