Snow Day

A girlfriend let me know we had to postpone our girls night out because of inclement weather.  I feel like I live in a box!  I had NO idea we were expecting snow.  I'm like the mailman - I work whether it snows, sleets, rains or shines. 

As soon as we woke up, we climbed into the attic to grab our ridiculously large snowsuits and got ready to go outside!

Leo's snowsuit has these flaps that close over his "hams" and he is clearly not happy about it...wait for it...waaaaaaiiitt for it...

...there's the tantrum... 

Once we got outside in the snow, the tantrum stopped.

Aside from the tantrum picture, this might be my absolute favorite from the day...or maybe the year...

Within a few minutes, the melting snow soaked through to Elena's feet and she had to watch the fun from inside.  How sad is this??

Leo worked so hard cleaning off my car that I rewarded him with some hot chocolate!!!

The 3-4 inches we got wasn't nearly as much as last year.  We had a couple feet of snow fall from the sky a few days before Elena's due date!!  Here are my favorite photos from last year (and the ridiculous snowsuit I got through for free).

ETA: My little brother just pointed out to me why this snowsuit rules.  (I am amazed at how much he remembers from our youth that I couldn't remember if a gun was put to my head!!!) 

If you grew up with Christian Cartoons, perhaps you remember Superbook?
Thanks Mike!

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