One good thing about facebook...

I know lots of people are on facebook - but as many people think facebook is the devil!  It sucks precious hours from our day.  We are forced to sift through the mundane status updates to get to the important ones (like my friend Brooke over at Dietel Days had baby Clare 2 days ago!!)

Most of my friends on facebook are out of college and most status updates increase in wisdom and interest as you grow older.  There seems to be a trend among the high school age group to put a picture of them in a bikini as their profile picture and then post the lyrics to a song that explains exactly how they are feeling at this moment in time.  To me, they just look cold.  It's January.  Change your picture...

Anyway, when we were leaving for our trip to Texas, I contacted my old college roommate to see if she would be anywhere near our travel route.  In a pre-facebook world, this thought would have been nice, but I would have had no idea how to contact her!  She got married and moved around a little bit.  With facebook, I had every bit of information at my fingertips!

So, thank you facebook for allowing these college roomies to meet up again:

Beach in Barcelona, Spain - April 2005

Lourdes, France - April 2005

Assisi, Italy - February 2005

Barcelona, Spain - April 2005

Medugorje, Herzegovina - March 2005?

Why can't I remember his name??  Something like Mark - our favorite person in Austria!  Were we in Poland when this picture was taken?

So, I was going to grab one photo of Caryn and I to display.  But the thing is, Caryn and I were roommates during a semester abroad in Austria.  We traveled the world together and there are too many great memories!!  Now I'm taking an awesome trip back a few years through photos while I bribe my children with TV!! 

While looking through old photos, I stumbled upon our greatest day ever.  After many hours sitting in a huge bus traveling from Austria to Italy, we were beginning to atrophy a bit.  168 students set out with our guide to climb up a mountain in Assisi, Italy to see the hermitage where St. Francis of Assisi lived.  The pace was slow...Caryn and I were antsy and the day was beyond gorgeous. 

So we took off!!

It was just the 2 of us, so we were able to stop along the way to snap some photos!

Easily, one of my favorite days ever.

Now, instead of traveling the world with nothing but a back-pack and a toothbrush, we carry our diaper bags and visit Chuck-E-Cheese!  Not quite the same, but equally as fun :)

(Caryn, Jason, and Caryn's husband Ben watching her son land basket after basket!!!)


  1. This is the only reason I am on Facebook - to have access to old friends, but I use it like an email, I don't check people's status very often at all. My husband is one of those people who thinks FB is from the devil :)

    I love seeing your Austria trip pictures, oh Asissi was one of my favorites too! Fun, good times.....

  2. That is so awesome! I love facebook for letting me catch up with friends I would have probably otherwise never contacted again

  3. Lisa, I love this! what's funny is i sat nathan down in front of "toons" as he calls them, so i could come look at this! you know i never got copies of the pics from that hike in assisi! so it was awesome that you posted these! it was SO good seeing ya'll and your beautiful kids. thanks for thinking of me in your travels! oh, and one more funny thing, i'm pretty sure the last status i posted, i've only done like three in the last year, was lyrics to a matt maher song! HAAAA! Caryn

  4. LOL funny how life changes! We love chuck e cheese.

    new gfc follower, and fb fan from facebook link love


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