I still got it!!!

With the holidays behind me, I can finally get back to normal eating again!  We were eating so many baked goods, sweets and heavy meals that I really was looking forward to returning to normal eating habits again.  Coupon clipping is worthless if you gain so much weight you need an entirely new wardrobe!!!

One benefit of having an awesome stockpile is that for the last few weeks, I only really HAVE to buy milk, eggs, butter and yogurt.  Pretty sweet.  Costco has the best prices for that stuff but Giant Eagle had a few good deals this week worth checking out.

A few weeks ago, the Pssst program through General Mills sent me a ton of coupons for Yoplait Smoothies.  I had no idea what the program was when I signed up, but now I'm glad I did!  One was for a free Yoplait Smoothie so I grabbed one to try out.  I wasn't very excited about it after trying the Yoplait Whips a few months back (those were disgusting!) but the smoothie was deLICIOUS!!!  I have been waiting to use the rest of the coupons when the smoothies went on sale and they finally did!

Frozen veggies: $0.50 each (Saved $1.19 each)
Smoothies: $1.25 each (Saved $2.04 each)
Creamer: $2.00 for 2 (Saved $5.18)

I spent a total of $37.93 and saved $46.63!!  That's 55%!  Yup!  I still got it!


  1. Glad to see you haven't lost your edge!

    There is a nice article over at wired.com about "The Coupon Revolution":


  2. as much as i like to, i can't seem to get this coupon thing down. I get a few cents off but i never get massive deals like that.

    you did great though.

  3. Good job with your savings! A lot of littles make a lot, so even if you're only saving a few cents at a time like Kim above, it's a start! I must get better about looking out for the coupons and sales combos. I usually clip out a ton of coupons, forget to bring them to the store or realize they're expired when I finally do remember to bring them. It feels so good to see the savings in the end.


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