Arts & Crafts with Miss Lindsay!!

I finally got some time with one of my closest friends yesterday!  She was working on her Masters and now that it is completed, she came up to visit us.  She brought arts & crafts with her too!!

She brought flour, salt, food coloring and paint and we made Christmas ornaments!  How cute are these??

Leo's an old pro at pouring and stirring.  He was pretty excited to help but he kept asking if it was cookies...

Kneading the dough

Lindsay let Leo do a lot of the fun stuff!  She showed him how to push the cookie cutter down to make each shape.

Clearly it was his favorite part.  In between taking chunks of dough to play catch with, he made cookie shapes out of the ball of dough in his bowl.

The genius of a toddler: 

The amount of work that went into the final product was pretty substantial.  We may try to make a few on our own but I can't promise they will be as pretty as Lindsay's!

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