9 months going on....

Now that she can stand and kinda sorta wobble/walk, she thinks she's a big girl.

She desperately tries to keep up with her big brother.

Helps herself to whatever she fancies in the house...by all means necessary...

She even tried leaving my house in a midriff baring t-shirt - HA!! NOT IN THIS LIFETIME HONEY!!!

But she's still in a crib.  And by extension, still just a baby :)


  1. cute. She seems older than 9 months. I was guessing she was 12 months for some reason.

  2. Such a big girl! The first couple pics, with her standing on tip-toe just kill me. I love seeing little ones trying to get a view of what's going on, and in our case usually trying to see what's on the table to pull down.


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