Your genius is showing!!!

Jason and I have no idea what toys are appropriate for what age.  We just buy them and wait for Leo to grow into them or to actually use them for their intended purpose (the piping from our old shower head is still the best microphone in the house).

We bought him some mega-blocks last year for Christmas and could NOT get him to pay any attention to him.  So we threw them in the basement for a rainy day.  Then, for his birthday, our neighbor gave him a big bag of mega-blocks.  All of a sudden, last week, he started to build towers.  Non-stop.  He brings his towers to church, the store, Oma's.  He is obsessed.  For the first 2 weeks, it was just tall towers.  Nothing fancy.  Then he started to explore with building sideways.

Then, in a moment that evoked such pride and joy I almost booked him for America's Got Talent on the spot, he brought me his best piece yet.  "Mom!  Yook!  A boap!"  (Translation: Mom!  Look!  A boat!)

I don't know if I could even design a boat that accurate looking.  Okay, so I'm just wildly impressed that he even knew how to design it on his own. 

And yup, I'm already calling magnet schools to book him for 9th grade next year.

(When he is really proud of himself, I can't get him to crack a smile.  It's serious business to him.)

He also managed to design a camera, complete with a peephole!!

Leo!!  Your genius is showing!!!!

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  1. That really is incredible! I think you have a future architect on your hands :)


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