What a day!!!

Not so much for me.  But definitely for my brother and his wife!!  After a very long pregnancy full of bedrest, doctor visits, and heartburn, the high-risk doctor ordered an emergency c-section for Nicole.

My sister-in-law chose a doctor who would consider natural birth as the top option and after a full evaluation, her doctor decided to induce her and allow her to try to birth naturally!  After an entire night of pitocin and no labor, they finally decided to break her water.  Well that did it!  Within 2 hours, my superhero sister-in-law gave birth to her beautiful twins, Liam and Audrey, naturally and without the aid of any drugs.  She is amazing.  Liam was 4lbs 1oz with dark brown hair and Audrey was 3lbs 13ozs with dirty blonde hair!!  We can't wait to see who they look like!  They are so small that it's still a toss-up (but we're all leaning toward Nicole at this point!!).

Within a couple hours of birth, both babies were breathing on their own and are in great shape.  They will be home within a week!  I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the hospital and meet the babies and visit with Nicole and Mike.  The babies are beautiful, small and edible.  (Babies are not safe around me - I always threaten to eat them.) 

As I'm sure you all could guess, I took a billion photos of my newest niece and nephew.  However, since these babies do not belong to me, it is not my news to share.  As soon as the very tired and very proud parents share photos with us, I will post a few here to show you all how tiny and edible, I mean adorable they are. 

Until then, you will just have to settle of pictures of Leo with his "baby Liam and baby Audrey".  Shortly after I explained to him that the babies were born and what that meant, he carried his babies around all morning to show us that the babies are now here to hold in our "hams"!!

He tried to show "Audrey" to Elena, but she's still not impressed.

Congratulations Leo, you are the proud father of a scary naked doll and Elmo.

Proof positive that a father's love is unconditional.

If there are less blog posts than normal, you can guess where I am!  I'm holding babies!!!!

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  1. Congrats to the family! Love that last picture...it's sweetness defined.


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