Impromptu photo shoot with Elena

Elena wore a beautiful dress to Mass yesterday and I really wanted a picture of it before she grows out of it!  I took a bunch of photos to make sure I got a good one.  The few photos that I snapped turned out to show a variety of angles of her life.

The first was the half crying "Why won't you pick me up??" and
half laughing because "My crazy mommy keeps making wild noises!!" photo.

The second was the "Mom, you'll never snap a photo you can frame because I'm a baby and can only be bribed with a small toy horse which doesn't look good in an 8 x 10 frame"

Next was the "Mom, why don't you have any photos of me alone?!" because her older brother is starved for attention and I accidentally turned my attention away from him for a split-second.

And lastly, presenting the "Elena Gale: Story of my life" photo. 


  1. lol, you can probably crop Leo out of the last one if you want one to frame, even with the horse. Cole has a giraffe and something else in the family pictures we did. :)

  2. Lisa she is beyond adorable!! Leo is pretty handsome too! I just love that last pic, I think you should frame it as-is!

  3. Oh man, that last picture is PRICELESS!!


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