Christmas Gift Idea - Sligo Creek CD Traditionally Speaking!

Last week, I went to our local Irish Pub to hear my favorite band play (and to indulge in a few too many frothy beverages).  I was singing along to the songs and I glanced over at the bartender.  She was wiping down the bar and ... singing along??  How did she know the words???  This is an "underground" band.  There are 3 members and 12 kids between them!  They don't get out much.  How does this swanky bartender know the words to their songs? 

Come to find out, this Irish Pub has been playing Sligo Creeks' CD, Traditionally Speaking, for months now.  The bartender said that all the regulars at this pub know all the words to the songs and love it.  I don't blame them.  I've loved the music for years.  (Sligo Creek even played my wedding!!)

My brother-in-law Will, aside from being a husband and father to 6 of my favorite people, is also an extremely talented musician.  He has been playing music since I was a wee lass.  A year ago, he finally got around to putting together his 1st CD along with his group Sligo Creek.  My personal favorite is Helen of Kirkconnel (listen to it here).

The music is Irish/Scottish and American Folk/Bluegrass.  You can listen to a sampling of each song on their CD here!!  If you are searching for a really nice and unique gift, check out their music.  Any music lover or even any person with Irish or Scottish blood will appreciate this CD!  Depending on your budget, this could make a perfect stocking stuffer!

If you would like to purchase the CD, you can do so easily through cdbaby!  Or you can download the individual songs to your iPod or whatever boombox you kids are using these days.

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  1. This Irish gal thinks they rock!

    Can you email me because we are coming down to Walkersville for Thanksgiving, and if you guys are around, we would love to meet up :)


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