As close as we're gonna get...

Leo is only 2 1/2.  He doesn't know much about Christmas or Santa.  I've been prepping him with the Happy Birthday song to Jesus and a book we have about Santa.  All he learned from that book is that he wants to eat cookies just like Santa! 

After Elena's 9-month check-up at the doctor yesterday (she's the picture of perfect health!!!)

I decided to go for Mom of the Year Award and take the kids to the children's play area in our mall.  The last time I braved this disaster of a mall was well over a year ago.  There is a lot of turn-around and apparently gang activity!!  But their playland is the best!

So, we booked it through the mall only to find that the playland is gone!  In it's place is a huge Santa "village".  Oh great.  I didn't even check how much it cost.  I know Leo well enough to know that there is no way he is going NEAR some strange old man in a huge chair.  So, in my most frugal moment yet, I propped Leo up on the wall right next to the "Mall Elf" and I snapped a photo.

And that's as close as we're gonna get :)


  1. Hahaha well, that's closer than any of my kids will ever get! I'm a bit different on the Santa telling though. And, well, my dad was a probation officer, and let's just say, a lot of those Santas at our malls were his clients.

  2. I think you should caption this pic "A Healthy Distrust of Mall Santa"...

    On a completely random and unrelated note, I see you read Pioneer Woman... isn't she awesome? Did you see the Throwdown she challenged Bobby Flay to on Food Network this week?

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Allison - I shudder to think of what your dad knows. Those Santas scare me.

    Amy - I don't have TV so I missed it!! I'm going to check if she posts it on her site though. She's hilarious!!


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