Who really wears the pants around here...

My kid has an aversion to food.  When he suggests eating something, I get super excited.  It is usually the last thing on his mind.  His vast diet consists of peanut butter and jelly, hamburgers and yogurt.  Naturally, we tell him every night we are having hamburger for dinner and then serve him whatever we are eating.  He's smart.  He knows hamburgers come in a sandwich form - not bowl form. 

A few days ago, I made delicious apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast.  While devouring it, he made all sorts of exclamations of it's deliciousness - "MMM NUMMY!!" etc. etc.  Sure my ego was bloated.  I felt like supermom.  Fast-forward a day or two and I decided I needed a little pick-me-up so I made apple cinnamon oatmeal again. 

Fickle toddlers.  Today it was yucky.  The extra dash of brown sugar I sprinkled on top was equally inedible.  Ohhhhhhkayyyyyy...

So, I continued to offer it to him for breakfast thinking that eventually he will give up the fight and just take a bite of the darn oatmeal and realize the depths of its deliciousness.  Not so.  Finally yesterday, I figured out the trick.  The kid needs a change of scenery to get excited about the oatmeal.  I told him to take his bowl of oatmeal outside and eat it with the birds.  It worked!!

Who doesn't love eggs smothered with cheese??  THIS GUY!! 

Tell him to go eat it with the birds outside?  Done.

I wish it worked with all our meals.  Sometimes he goes to bed without having eaten dinner at all.  But other times we resort to the never failing / always-a-crowd-pleaser peanut butter and jelly crackers.  BUT NO!  One could simply NOT eat these at the table as mandated by mom.  They can only be eaten at the couch. 

Someone help me...


  1. most of my kids are very picky eaters

  2. although I am sure that it's less than funny to you, from this end this is hilarious! :) Maybe you can get some birds at home?

  3. Ha, I'm so glad to read about another picky eater - my 3 year old makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes - he's recently started to eat meat willingly which is a huge victory, but he is still the only kid I know that will not touch fresh fruit

  4. Kim - I guess I have years of this to look forward to huh?

    Kat - I can appreciate the humor AFTER it is over and when I'm looking at pictures (and he's fast asleep up in his bed - HA!)

    Kristen - Leo will only eat fruit in the form of fruit snacks!! Craziness. I even used to give him pieces of canteloupe on a fork as a lollipop. All he would do is take a few licks and get distracted by a toy. Blasted!!


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