"Total Loss"...or is it??

Our car was deemed a "Total Loss" by her insurance company.

However, a total loss might not be the appropriate description for a family in our situation.  Sometime in the last few weeks, Jason and I began to talk about trading in my car for a bigger one.  It's time to get a minivan!  We were discussing our options and through discussion, we were struggling with whether we should just go ahead and get the minivan now and take whatever trade-in value they offered us.  Or, should we wait until my car completely dies.  Currently, both of our cars are paid off and we love not having that payment to worry about.  It allows us to relax a little on our budget.

The accident helped us by making the biggest question looming over our heads disappear!!!  The car is damaged beyond its value and there is no option but to buy a new one.  So, we have been searching around for minivans.  And I cannot WAIT!!!!!  Did you know that every time I put Leo into his carseat, he protects his head so I don't hit it against the car...again...  Poor kid.  And have you ever tried to fit a double stroller AND groceries in the trunk of a Dodge Neon?

Here is another benefit from the accident.  We are going to get a check cut for more than the trade-in value of the car.  That means more money down on our minivan and a lower monthly payment.  Score!

3rd benefit and the most exciting of all.  "NHTSA recommends that child safety seats be replaced following a moderate or severe crash in order to ensure a continued high level of crash protection for child passengers."  Moderate crash is one where the vehicle was not able to be driven away from the crash site.  So, I purchased two brand new carseats.  These puppies are like lazy-boys for the car!  Leo spends 50% of his time in the car with his head wobbling around or hanging straight forward while he sleeps.  These carseats are the magic cure to that.  I'm so excited.  Especially since Leo's current carseat was $20 at a TotSwap and is just "meh" quality.

So, this accident wasn't exactly what I would call a "total loss"!!


  1. lol, well, I am glad it wasn't a total loss, it's good that you were contemplating the idea of getting a minivan anyway. I can say I love my minivan and Cole's britax frontier. That is the best seat for Cole, but he seems to be pretty tall. I told Jeff when Jamison is two we're going to have to break down and buy one for him as well.

  2. I am so glad to hear that there are many silver linings to your cloud of an accident! I L-O-V-E my Honda Odyssey minivan. We had a 1996 Odyssey then moved up to a 2002 for the one extra seat(both were used when we purchased them). Now that we no longer have car seats and strollers and such I am considering a smaller vehicle, but I'm just not ready to let go of my Mom-mobile! I wish you all of the best with your car/minivan search. Dodge Caravan is a nice product, too. I test drove one for a fundraiser at our church carnival one year; and I've had one as a rental car when someone hit my van. You'll love your minivan!

  3. This is a true testament about how God provides even in the midst of a disaster!!

    My dream minivan is a Honda Odyssey, but we went with the cheaper Dodge Caraven and VW Routan.

  4. omg I want that car seat. Also. Yuengling....yum


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