It's all new to me

Jason received a $15.00 gift card to Starbucks.  Instead of loading himself up with Iced Vanilla Latte's over the course of the next few weeks, he decided to take us all out for breakfast at Starbucks.  I seriously can't remember the last time I ordered a latte at Starbucks.

Pumpkin spice lattes, croissants, smushed pears and a juice box later, we were ready to hit the road.

Earlier this week, we drove up to the orchard and drove past these horses.  I couldn't let Leo out to talk to them because my mom and I were on an applesaucing mission.  But this morning, as we came close to the road, he recognized it and started screaming "HORSIES!!" - and since we had all the time in the world:

Our original plan this morning was to hike around the mountain just north of our house.  We accidentally spotted the ultimate in yard sales.  An entire town has set up shop on the streets with all of their used items.  Some of these yard salers were professionals - they spend all year shopping for specific items to offer tons of variety to the passer-by.  I'm all about used stuff.  Some things you must buy brand-new (underwear, toothbrushes, deodorant...) but other stuff??  It's all new to me!!  Well, we jumped right on this sale.  5 tractors for $5.00 total.  DONE! 

We ended up spending $25.00 total on our yard sale swag and got all of this sweet stuff.  The 5 tractors above.  A radio flyer tricycle. 

A cubby organizer for my coupons!

Ponyo and Shrek to get us through the winter (We used to own accidentally ended up in our Netflix Sleeve and I am holding ABug's Life hostage until they return Shrek to me.  Sorry Netflix...)

And, my favorite.  This town was so small and cute.  As we were walking along the sidewalk, I asked Jason if he thought we might find a breadmaker for sale.  Immediately, the cutest lady perked up and turned her head toward me.  She said, "I know exactly where you can find a breadmaker!  Go down to the main square, turn left and it's the white house on the left."  Sweet.  Turns out the main square was only a block away and this woman's house was only 1 block further.  I walked up, asked her for a breadmaker and she pulled out two!  I picked this one and we had the yummiest bread for dinner.


Although, I will say that making bread without a breadmaker is much like natural childbirth.  After working for hours with the dough, you feel soooo proud and successful after and can see all your blood, sweat and tears in that tiny loaf of bread.  Making bread with a breadmaker is like having the epidural.  Bread is still just as delicious, but you aren't as emotionally invested in the work it took to get here.  You just toss it in the maker and sit back and relax.  Occassionally, you hear it working - beeping and kneading while you crack jokes and watch Food Network, and then VOILA!  Bread! 

Okay...Perhaps that was the worst analogy ever...


  1. LOL!! It's actually one of the best analogies I've ever heard (read) :-D.

    Your picture of the "horsies" is awesome! The colors are so rich and the composition is beautiful.

  2. ha ha! I like your analogy. My mom just gave me her breadmaker and I'm liking it so far. However, it's a little weird to eat bread that has a hole at the bottom. I've come up with a few unsavory nicknames for breadmaker bread that I will refrain from sharing since this is a family blog.

  3. mmm Pumpkin Spice lattes are my FAVORITE!!!!!!


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