I'm in love...

With this hat!!!!  Seriously - does it get cuter than this?!

My friend Kim made this for Elena and delivered it on our playdate on Monday.  I just love it.  I'm kind of sad that it doesn't fit my head.  I probably couldn't pull it off anyway :)

Please check out her Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ebethalan!

Thank you Kim!!  We absolutely LOVE it!!! 


  1. you are so welcome! I could try to make a similar hat in your size ;) I just need to know what colors you want!

  2. What a sweet baby!! That little hat is adorable!!

  3. Oh my cuteness! Does she sell them?

  4. She is starting an Etsy shop where you can pick the colors and tell her the size of your daughter's head and she will whip one up for you! I'll let her know you're interested :)

  5. I don't which is cuter.. that hat or your adorable little girl!


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