Camp Maria Activities

Our weekend at Camp Maria was chock-ful of activities!!  Leo learned how to use the big-boy swing.

Helped himself to the large buffet of paints to make a blue pet rock

Elena enjoyed some R&R in the pool. 

Leo refused to allow us to take pictures of him all weekend, so instead of beating him, Jason joined him in whatever pose he wanted.  Good thing it wasn't fingers up the nose :)

We went canoeing in the ocean and looked for Ponyo and Nemo.  We didn't find them but we found some adorable little jellyfish.

The beautiful thing about all the activity was watching my children pass-out without begging, pleading and crying...on my part.

Jason started the youth on a game called Giants, Wizards and Elves.  Essentially, 2 teams play rock, paper, scissors but act out being giants, wizards or elves and the winning team chases the other team to gain more players for their side.  The team with the most players in the end wins.

Here is the dramatic stand-off between the two teams.  The team on the left threw Wizard and the team on the right threw Giant.

Aaaaaannnnndd - THEY'RE OFF!!

The last night ended after the Olympics with silly campfire songs with John.  Leo had a front-row seat with his buddy Bryan.

This song had something to do with a moose.

This was such a fun weekend for everyone.  If there are any Catholic families out there who would like more information on the Labor Day Weekend Retreat, please email me at  We would love to have you there!!


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! What a great lot of fun.

  2. Oh, I miss summer camp as a kid. It looks as if you guys had a blast, and what a fun way to spend the weekend.

    Beautiful sunset in the posed pic! Usually my sunset shots don't look anything like what I was trying to capture.

  3. It was sooo beautiful there. And to not have to worry about food prep or clean-up was awesome!!! Amy - we took a billion sunset shots to try and figure it out! And I tweaked the brightness at home so you can see our faces better :)


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