Who wins?

You have been at home all week with 2 very small children, pulling fingers out of eye sockets on both sides, squeezing in adult conversation when you can and if you hear the Fairy Godmother's screeching british accent yelling, "DON'T YOU POINT THOSE DIRTY GREEN SAUSAGES AT ME," at Shrek one more time, you just might throw the 200 lb TV out the window...

Your husband has been stuck in the middle of Ohio, forced to wake up way too early, forced to stay up way too late after a long day of hard labor, deprived of AC anywhere but the vehicle, but the vehicle is always inhabited by a bunch of smelly teenagers...

Who wins?

Leo's diplomacy doesn't help us earn points in our tally...
I don't blame him - he needs to please us both to keep up his cushy lifestyle.  Smart kid.

Elena already forgot the question.

As my very wise husband quipped, "Why don't you say we call it even, chug a beer and go to sleep..."



  1. Welcome to Catholic Mothers Online! Had a chuckle at your last post. I can feel your pain:)

  2. This is my favorite blog post so far.

  3. By the way, this is Michelle

  4. And I thought the famous food additive was a fan of my blog! It's just you though :)

    Everytime you post a comment, I get hungry for chinese food...


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