Welcome to your very own room

That's right.  Elena is now moving from the bassinet in our room to her crib in her own room.  I wasn't in any rush to move her because she still wakes up during the night.  But then....

That's right.  I'm trading her for a 19" TV.  Ta-da! 

When we moved to this house, we decided not to subscribe to cable.  No antenna strong enough can grab signals for the local channels.  And I just really didn't want a TV in our room.

But then we discovered Netflix watch instantly with it's hundreds of TV shows on watch instantly. 

Oh Elena - If you knew how comfortable our bed is, you would understand.

(Oh!  And I got the $239 TV for $99!!)


  1. So funny! First off - good for you for getting her in her own room - that is always so hard in so many ways :) 2nd - YES! This Netflix on the Wii is so great - but it is stealing my sleep! I can't stop watching - or searching for things to watch. So nice, but soooooo bad!!

  2. What a little cutie! It is a big step moving to her own room! Just wanted to remind you to add the Mama's Little Nestwork button to your mainpage so I can complet the join up. Let me know so I can add your cute blog! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  3. How'd you get such a great deal on the TV? Love your blog! :)

  4. Holly - I fall asleep during almost every show now!!!

    Thanks Maria! You need to put some more pictures on yours of the baby and Gabriella!! I actually subscribe to a blog feed that alerts you of certain deals. We had been shopping for a TV since December and expected to pay around $400! So this was quite the deal. From what I could tell, it only lasted for about an hour!


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