Fun with vegetables!!

Now that Elena is "officially" 6 months, it's time to have a little fun with food!  I prefer to give her table food to let her taste things and just play with food.  However, we had SO many green beans from our garden and our CSA that I thought I would share the wealth with Elena!!

Green beans are probably the worst food to start out on.  But you never know, right?  Maybe my child would kill for green beans?? 

Things started off okay:

And went south pretty fast!!

Okay okay Elena.  That's all for today.

So, we made it up to her with what Jason calls a "Texan Pacifier"

(Yes.  That is a chunk of steak hanging out of her mouth.)

I froze the green beans and will mix them with some fresh sweet potatoes or squash to sweeten them a little for her.

I can't be too harsh on her. We received beets with our CSA last week and I decided to try "roasted beets".  I only finished one...  They looked delicious when they were ready! Unfortunately, I am just not a fan of eating dirt.  Perhaps another day, I will try again.  I don't have a picture as proof, but I made the same face...


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  2. Elizabeth has had a similar reaction to sweet potato the two times we tried it. She does this sort of gagging dry heave thing that cracks me up. We're having only minimum luck with introducing solids so far-- banana, egg yolk, refried beans (from my plate), broccoli, etc. She might take some great one time and gag the next. It makes me feel like the new mama I am!

    Great idea, that Texan pacifier!

  3. We're doing the same thing here! I'll give her things to munch on off my plate since she is super-interested. But I won't give her much baby food until she is probably 8 months. Leo LIVED on squash and sweet potatoes and a lot of the fruit. The green beans were not so popular :)

  4. HA HA!!! This might be your funniest one yet. "Unfortunately, I am not a fan of eating dirt"


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