Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Leo got a new pair of shoes this week.  I asked him if he could show me his new shoes.  I thought he would be excited to show off his new kicks, but instead, this was the reaction I got:

Magically, within a matter of mere seconds, he transforms into this:

"Mama, Yook!!"

Did I mention yet that he has started a new "thing" - If he wants to be left alone to do his own thing (including run through the racks of clothes at Target or dance in the middle of the room at Olive Garden right in the path of waiters carrying glasses of wine and hot soup) and he thinks you are going to stand between him and what he wants to do in any way, he immediately starts with "OW OW OW!!"  Thank you Leo, for making us look like the worst parents ever.

1 comment:

  1. His little Matrix pose (3rd one down) definitely got me laughing.


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