Mom vs. the kids - Day whatever

Can someone please hit the snooze button and wake me up when he's home?  Seriously - all you military wives, single moms or wives of traveling minstrels, my heart goes out to you.  This stuff is exhausting.  The funny thing is, we had a fantastic day.  I'm just plum-exhausted is all. 

After waking up at 7 am to the puttering of little feet and a sweet little voice saying, "Pooboo* where are you?" (*Pooboo stands for peek-a-boo), we shoved off for a walk and I picked up 4 bottles of Prego sauce for my Pizza Pasta addiction for only $3.00.  Yum...

The day was starting off great except for the Starbucks brain explosion.  I was waiting in the drive-thru line - well actually, the drive-thru was full, so I pulled off to the side with my blinker pointing to the lane.  Another driver pulled up behind me.  Then road-rager in her mini-van comes zipping up past us on the left-side of the parking lot to hug the drive-thru lane. you didn't.

I calmly went to knock on her window to let her know that she should look next time.  (I was way more polite than I should have been.)  She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Usually everyone is on the left side and you are on the wrong side."  Oh wow.  I hope you asked for a splash of kindness in your cup 'o joe today.  I was so put off by the whole event I had to leave the Starbucks and move on with my life.  Sitting behind her in the line would have caused one big emergency trip to confession...

Anyway, I scored big at the Old Navy $2.00 tank top sale.  I wear Old Navy tank tops every day as "undershirts" so this was huge for me.  4 tops should do me well for a long time - and for $8?  Sweet!

Then off to Oma's for some delicious coffee where I was 1st in line.  The heat mandated a quick dip in the pool.  Oma improvised a bit when we couldn't find a hat for Elena.
Poor girl - this was yanked off the ginormous doll in Oma's room.  Perfect fit :)

During the huge thunderstorm, Dutch came running down to Oma's house to be around us.  Leo loves Dutch...maybe even more than me.  I'm not entirely sure.

We spent the rest of the day at home where I got to sort through my stacks of coupons Oma snagged for me.  Can't WAIT to cash in these bad-boys!  (Simple mind, simple pleasures.)
I'm so tired that when I accidentally collapsed one of the rails of the Pack'N'Play, this is as far as I got in attempting to put it back together.  Where is my husband? There are Pack'N'Plays to assemble!!
(No children were harmed in the taking of this photograph.)

I think I definitely won today.  Actually, the lady in the Starbucks line got away with a piping hot coffee in her maybe she won?  All I know is I'm brewing coffee at home tomorrow :)


  1. Cute blog and cute kids!! I can't stand pack and plays either. Thanks!!

  2. Elena's hat cracks me up in the best of ways.

    Old Navy tanks are fantastic, particularly at $2 a pop!


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