Mom vs. the kids - Day 3

Ah yes - hitting my stride now.

I decided, after a month of R&R, to get off my butt again and start my morning walk with the kids again.  It's hard to walk away from the coffee-maker and know that I might not get my 1st cup until the kids nap at 1:00.  But as long as I'm holding on tight to the stroller I won't trip, fall or give-up.   

And we even squeezed in a quick stop to Giant for some bargain hunting and ingredients for some more PIZZA PASTA.  A big thank you to the local UPS hub that sent out all trucks at 9:00 am - the endless stream of trucks provided Leo with over an hour of entertainment.  He was as excited about that 1st truck as he was about the 20th!

$13.42 in savings!! Ta-da!
I must mention, it was a little sad when the UPS driver knocked on our door to drop of a package, Leo looked at me all excited and proclaimed, "DADA!!!!"...  He is a little confused as to where Dad is.  All he knows is that Dad is working in "Nowio" (Ohio).  Nothing a little consolation from his sister couldn't fix. 

We also got to take our "mailbox" out for our Mail Carrier again today.

I even managed to squeeze in a trip to Rite Aid.  After raiding the store for the best deals, I finally got to the register and couldn't believe the kids weren't screaming.  In my panic to get out before they lost it, I forgot to hand in my savings card.  We made it all the way home before I figured it out!  Well, I drove back to pick up an extra $4.50 in savings!!  All-in-all,  I picked all of this up for $10.00 (I saved over $13!).  We only paid for the Re-Nu and Acitaminophen!!

Highlight of the day - My niece Monica came to visit. 

Somehow we started discussing fattening foods.  We got onto Outback Cheese Fries.

Me: Wow...2,900 calories
Monica: In one serving?
Me: No - total.
Monica: there an Outback close by?
Me: Yes...why?
Monica: Want some cheese fries?
Me: Yes
*frantically google's Outback's number*

Such a great way to spend an evening:

Me - 2,000 cal / Outback - $8.75 (Still not sure who came out on top today)

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