Mom vs. the kids - Day 2

I thought since Leo was awake multiple times between 9 and 1 am, he might toss in a late wake-up call this morning.  Not so...

Jason always brews the coffee.  I am not so good in the morning - hand/eye coordination is just revving up (should he even trust me with the kids before coffee???).

This is what happens when I try to handle coffee responsibilities:

Perhaps I should be more embarrassed about that, but I'm not.  The kids are still alive.  Leo woke up with a runny nose.  I'm not surprised he caught a cold...Murphy's law.

While Elena took a long morning nap, Leo and I set out on our arts & crafts project for the day (thank you Rebecca!!). We made a mail box for Daddy. I'm going to have him make a few things and put them in there along with all the mail for the week.
Our mail carrier knows Leo well.  He LOVES when she rolls up.  Today, he ran out there with his mail box and she searched for our mail in the bundle and dropped it into our homemade mail box.  He couldn't believe how cool that was :)
After an unsuccessful attempt at a nap, Leo came down for the day.  Between Shrek, snuggles, peanut butter bread, and chocolate chips, I think we're nursing him back to health. 

Here is what we do when Dad is away:
Jumping on the couch!
Alternate uses for the Pack'N'Play

I owned Day 2.


  1. Sweet! 1 for 1, hope things keep on looking up :)

  2. Love the pic of the beer on tap! ROFL!! Sounds like you'll be needing a lot of that. LOL!


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