Bean Street Market

On our most recent trip to Texas, we made a quick stop to see our friend Amy.  Amy recently opened a business called Bean Street Market, and, being a lover of all things smelly, I had to go check it out.  (Especially after I used the cutest soap bar ever at the Dietels!)

I went in to purchase one handmade soap bar.  I wanted something super colorful and delicious for my bathroom.  She slowly started pulling out the different options and I was in a smelly wonderland of scents. 

Most scents I like are girly and feminine (Jason just LOVES using them...yeah...).  However, she had a few really awesome neutral scents that I picked up!  I picked up one for my mother-in-law and three for me (so much for my plan!). 

These are mine:

This cool one was for my mom-in-law:

Bonsai Shea Butter has been in my bathroom for 2 weeks now and I haven't been able to use it.  I'm afraid that when the soap is gone, the smell of fresh laundry will disappear too :( 

Next trip I'm picking up Oatmeal Goat's Milk and Honey.  It smelled sooooo good!!

Check out Bean Street Market and tell Amy I said hello!!

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  1. Beautiful looking *and* good smelling? Yes please. Those are really lovely.


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