I agree with my kids on one thing:

We don't like doctor visits.

As Elena played and tugged at her feet waiting for the nurse to come knock on our door, I enjoyed the last few minutes of happiness. I can deal with a few minutes of my child crying for a good reason. Measles, mumps and rubella are no walk in the park; just ask the Little Women. But no one walks out of the doctor unscathed.

While handing over my $20 copay I was notified of a $95 balance. Okay, I'll look into it.

After verifying to the insurance company my address, phone, social, height, weight, favorite food, etc.:

Insurance: What are you calling about?

Me: A $95 charge from February 25th

Insurance: We sent notice that the claim could not be processed without the correct 1CD9 code.

Me: Um...okay...that's it then?

Insurance: That's it


Doctor's Office: Yes

Me: Can you send the correct 1CD9 code so they can process the claim?
Doctor's Office: Sure


Um...really? What about this was so difficult for them to coordinate. Person A doesn't have a 1CD9 code. Person B gives them the code and we all go on our merry little way.

I taught Elena an important lesson through it all. If she put half as much effort into whatever career she chooses as she puts into trying to stuff everything she sees into her mouth, she will be 20 times more capable than the average joe...and maybe even smarter than her brother...

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