CSA Friday!

Every other Friday we head over to Sycamore Spring Farm http://www.sycamorespringfarm.org/ for our local crop share. Leo loves our trips to the farm so he can see all the animals. Check out her new miniature horse!!

We ran to the back to see the bunny rabbits. Cute, furry, fuzzy bunny rabbits.

While we were checking out the bunnies, the turkeys were gobbling away. Apparently, one of their friends was taken away earlier this week. Needless to say, they are a little on edge. Shortly after this photo was taken, I snatched Leo up and we ran out through the gate. The turkey in front was less than 2 feet away from Leo and still charging!

(Leo is telling the turkey to stay where he is...it didn't work)

We got out safely and with our bag full of delicious veggies.

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